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Big Chicken Club

Big Chicken Club

  • Food service sales in Canada are quickly approaching 50 Billion dollars annually.
  • Food service sales are growing at about 3% year, twice the Canadian GDP.
  • Limited Service "Sales per Store" grew 6.8% verses Full Service at 2.6%, 2001
  • More than 64% of restaurant meals are sourced form QSRs (quick service restaurants) up from 58% in 1996. Less than 27% of restaurant meals are sourced from full-service restaurants (FSRs)
  • Off premise dining has outpaced on premise dining, driven largely by drive-thru service.
  • Since 1996 drive-thru traffic has doubled from 8.4% to 18.1%.
  • 2001 60% of all snacks were eaten away from the restaurant where it was purchased.
  • Top 3 Foods: French fries, Hamburgers, Unsweetened baked goods.
  • Top 3 Beverages: Coffee, Soft Drinks, Diet Soft Drinks

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